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Our company relies on personal referrals for most of the business we conduct. While we are happy to work with candidates that contact us directly, we are proud of the trust we have earned among professionals who refer their clients to us. Attorneys, CPAs, Executive Recruiters and Financial Planners send their clients to Rainmaker Consulting Group with full confidence that they will be well represented. Past candidates are also an important source of referrals and we are proud of our ability to help business people find a niche where they can prosper.
As part of the world’s largest affiliation of independent franchiseconsultants, we draw on decades of industry experience and have contacts with hundreds of quality franchisors, distributors, brokers and licensed business opportunities. The leadership of our company has owned and sold franchises. We truly understand the dynamics and the value of a customized matching process.

Our pragmatic approach is focused on yielding results that will suit your business and personal needs. Our on-going industry research keeps us informed of the top business opportunities and can help you stay ahead of the curve.


Michael Funaro, President of The Rainmaker Consulting Group, is a professional franchiseconsultant with thirty plus years of business experience in sales and marketing for major companies and as a confirmed “serial entrepreneur”.  He provides free, full service consulting services to aspiring business owners.  He has owned and operated 19 of his own companies over a 35 year business career. His overall general business background makes him uniquely suited to help individuals find franchiseopportunities in line with their personal and professional objectives.

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